A parking lot PV folding roof to recharge electrical autos


Horizon’s first folding roof was installed over a parking lot in Switzerland and generates electricity for local consumption, including charging electric vehicles.

The solar roof has a generating capacity of 420 kW over 152 parking spaces.

The first Horizon Solar folding roof product from DHP Technology was installed in a parking lot in Switzerland.

The 4,000 square meter roof with a generation capacity of 420 kW includes 152 parking spaces in the Jakobsbad-Kronberg cable car in Appenzellerland on DHP’s home market. Installation of the roof took 13 months, after 2.5 years in the planning system.

The roof generates electricity for local consumption, including for charging stations for electric vehicles.

The solar power generated is used to charge electric vehicles.

The PV folding roof was manufactured at the DHP Technology headquarters in Zizers. A highly automated process assembles the roofs, said a company spokesman PV magazine. The PV system has monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar cells and glass-free laminate technology. “The folding sunroof is light because we use the glass-free solar module technology,” said the DHP representative. “Installation is simple and based on a plug-and-play approach.”

The spokesman stated product costs of around 2,400 euros per installed kilowatt, which corresponds to a little more than 1 million euros for the Jakobsbad-Kronberg system. The roof is mainly aimed at parking lots where it can increase generating capacity in built-up areas. It could also be installed in places like sewage treatment plants and logistics bases.

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