6 Ideas About Social Distancing and Self-Sufficiency from the Off-Grid Dwelling Consultants at Actual Items


The Coronavirus 2020 (COVID-19) outbreak has created – to say the least – a lot of uncertainty for people around the world.

Hopefully you are now doing your part in practicing the World Health Organization recommended self-quarantine or “social distancing” behaviors to slow the spread of this new and particularly robust coronavirus and to give the various health systems around the world time and scope with that Bypass outbreak.

If so, you may experience a new (or renewed) appreciation for the relative fragility of the food, water, energy, and information production and delivery networks that together create the standard of living we are used to here in the U.S. You may be considering the benefits the self-sufficiency in one or more of these areas and wonder how realistic this would be. And you may wonder whether the peace of mind that comes with confidence in times of social unrest is worth the effort and expense of actually becoming self-employed.

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