Texas IPP Broad Attain Energy to deliver 200 MW of vitality storage on-line subsequent yr


Broad Reach Power, an independent power producer (IPP) based in Houston, Texas, has begun construction of two 100 MW battery projects.

“The power grid in Texas continues to transform rapidly with the addition of more wind and solar power. While these resources are desirable because they reduce costs and emissions, they add variation and risk to an already challenging real-time balancing target, ”said Steve Vavrik, managing partner and chief executive officer of Broad Reach Power, its solar and solar power company on the supply scale owns energy storage energy projects. “This problem will be exacerbated as both the penetration of renewable energies and the demand for electricity increase. Using more energy storage systems like our units in Odessa and the Houston region will increase the reliability of the grid. “

Broad Reach plans to invest more than $ 100 million in two recently acquired projects in Mason and Williamson Counties, Texas. Once online in 2021, the facilities will operate alongside Broad Reach’s growing portfolio of utility-scale energy storage facilities in Texas near Houston and Odessa.

Broad Reach has additional plans to expand its storage portfolio in Texas, including several larger projects. The company is also reiterating its successful double greenfield and acquisition approach in California, Montana and other western markets, where the company has 700 MW projects with signed interconnection agreements.

“Broad Reach’s tremendous and rapid growth since we supported it in September 2019 is proof of what an experienced team can do with the support of seasoned renewable energy investors such as EnCap and Yorktown, and the compelling opportunities this rapidly evolving development offers Marketplace, ”said Shawn Cumberland, Managing Partner of EnCap Energy Transition.

There is no additional information about what battery technologies are available or how many megawatt hours they support.

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