PV – Midsummer Strengthens Presence on Iberian Peninsula


“We’re seeing a lot of interest in midsummer products in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. This new collaboration with Imperalum further strengthens our presence on the Iberian Peninsula and makes our products more available to customers in the region, ”said Sven Lindström, CEO of Midsummer. “Our products are very well suited to the local architecture, weather and solar conditions in southern Europe and are perfectly integrated into Imperalum products.”

Imperalum is one of the main manufacturers of waterproof bituminous products in the Iberian Peninsula and sells in Portugal, Spain and Portuguese-speaking African countries. The company is also a leader in the distribution of thermal and acoustic insulation, drainage and geotextiles in the Portuguese market.

The new collaboration between Midsummer and Imperalum gives customers in the Iberian Peninsula the option of installing a bituminous product that integrates with Midsummer’s advanced solar panels so that the roof generates energy.

The midsummer solar modules WAVE, BOLD and SLIM are world leaders in thin-film technology with their discrete design, thickness of 2 mm, low weight and bending capacity. The installation process is very simple. Midsummer solar panels also have a minimal carbon footprint that is almost 90% smaller than traditional solar panels.

“We are very impressed with the midsummer products and their technology, as well as the discrete design of the solar modules. As the leading provider of advanced waterproof roof solutions in Portugal, it is exciting and important that we can offer the market the best bituminous roofing solution combined with the best solar technology, ”said Jorge Ramos, Manager of Imperalum.

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