Seraphim debuts S4 half-cell sequence PV modules with max output of 540 W


Seraphim presents new PV modules of the S4 half-cell series

Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Co., Ltd. (Seraphim) released its new product generation, the PV modules of the S4 half-cell series, on December 1st. The products have two categories, namely monofacial module and bifacial module; Both will go into mass production in the first quarter of 2021 with an expected annual capacity of 3 gigawatts (GW) after an equipment upgrade.

What’s new According to Seraphim, the new PV modules of the S4 half-cell series can achieve a maximum power of up to 540 W, with the maximum module efficiency reaching 21.1 percent by integrating 182 mm silicon wafers into the latest technologies such as passivated rear emitter cell ( PERC), multi-busbar (MBB), half-cut cell and high density packaging. The new bifacial S4 half-cell module, in particular, can increase power output from 10 to 30 percent under different soil conditions. This significantly reduces the costs for electricity (LCOE) and system balance (BoS).

Reliability? T.By using double-glass technology, the bifacial half-cell module S4 can have fewer micro-cracks, a lower damping rate, better fire and insulation performance and a longer service life. In terms of reliability, the S4 half-facial bifacial module is designed with a frame to withstand a larger load. Even without a bar on the back, the front of the module alone can withstand a static mechanical load of around 5,400 Pascal (Pa).

Seraphim is confident that the new PV modules of the S4 half-cell series with the advantages mentioned are ideally suited for use in large ground power plants.

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