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Australian design and manufacturing company PVDymanics has unveiled a solar roof technology that can be used with both framed and frameless solar panels. The company believes its system can revolutionize the microgrid market.

20th November 2020

From pv magazine Australia

The 100 series solar roof system from PVDynamics contains PV modules that “slide quickly and easily” into position and are suitable for both framed and frameless solar modules.

Andrew Ferris, director of design and business development at PVDynamics, said the company identified a niche in the market and developed a solar mounting system that can be used with a wide range of PV modules.

“We saw what was available in Australia and set out to develop a solar mounting system that would fit a variety of solar panels,” he said.

“The challenge was to make sure that the PVDynamics system was suitable for a variety of different frame types, both framed and frameless, and at the same time truly waterproof.”

According to Ferris, the design also addressed the risk of micro-crack damage to cells during installation and maintenance. While many of the existing mounting systems require installers to work over solar panels, the 100 Series system includes a fully integrated wiring and clip system that allows all mounting and wiring settings to be made under the canopy.

“One of our fundamental goals was to develop a system that could be installed quickly,” said Ferris. “We achieved this by positioning the panels with all the fixings and wiring easily done under the structure.”

The company stated that the Australian-made system was designed for most types of terrain, including cyclone, and performed well in harsh conditions.

“We are very pleased that our product performed well, both during installation and weather conditions,” said Ferris.

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) noted in its 2019 report on the future of solar photovoltaics that the uptake of solar roofs was steadily increasing, with carports and parking garages among the main applications.

According to Ferris, parking garages were among the many applications in which the Series 100 system could be used.

“In a commercial context, solar canopies are increasingly being built over public parking lots in shopping malls, airports and hospitals,” he said.

“Given the scope for solar microgrid installations and the appetite for renewable energies, we believe the … system has great potential.”

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