Clear Energy Alliance advances two new solar + storage tasks in California


In the wake of heat and nationwide flex alerts, the Clean Power Alliance (CPA) has advanced two new Solar + storage projects that will increase grid reliability in California. The CPA Board of Directors approved the Rexford 1 Solar & Storage Center and Chalan Solar plus Storage projects last Thursday.

The two projects will add a combined capacity of 365 MW for renewable energy and 205 MW for battery storage to the long-term portfolio of CPA, generating enough electricity to supply 158,000 households in Southern California, about 8.5% of the total needs of CPA, with 100% CO2-free electricity to supply energy. With these projects, CPA continues to surpass California’s ambitious mandates to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by adding new renewable energy sources and reliable peak evening capacity to the state’s electrical grid.

CPA plans to continue expanding its clean energy and storage supply with additional projects currently being negotiated under the CPA Reliability Application for 2019 Offers and the Clean Energy Application for 2019 Offers. CPA will publish its next annual clean energy tender in mid-October.

“Batteries are the cleanest, smartest way to reduce future outages caused by grid stress,” said Ted Bardacke, Executive Director of the Clean Power Alliance. “We are determined to aggressively increase investments in battery storage so that our customers will always have reliable power as we continue the nationwide transition to a clean energy future.”

The Rexford 1 project is the largest Solar + storage project that CPA has commissioned to date. Based in Tulare County, the project will inject 300 MW of solar power into the grid and 180 MW / 540 MWh of battery storage capacity under a 15 year contract of 8 minutes of solar energy. The project will create around 400 well-paying jobs in union building, with construction starting in early 2022 and with the facility going into operation in late 2023.

“The Clean Power Alliance’s focus on energy storage is proof that they share our vision of building a truly reliable and 100% clean energy grid,” said Dr. Tom Buttgenbach, founder and CEO of 8minute. “We are proud to bring our years of experience designing and building industry-leading solar and storage power plants to this partnership, and to work with the largest municipal utility in the state to increase energy storage and provide Californians with clean, reliable, and affordable energy to deliver – electricity costs – day and night. “

The Chalan Solar Plus Storage Project, located in Kern County, will deliver 64.9 MW of solar and 25 MW / 100 MWh of battery storage capacity under a 15-year contract with Origis Energy. It will create 100 construction jobs and go online in December 2023.

“The Origis team is honored to work with CPA and is proud that our Chalan Solar + Storage project will help serve its environmentally conscious customers,” said Edwin C. Moses, Origis’ director of project development. “Solar + storage on this scale will help the CPA and California as a whole meet its renewable energy goals.”

Message from the Clean Power Alliance

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