Solar Panel Recycling Administration Market Evaluation, Alternatives, Restraints, Drivers, Threats, Traits, Purposes, And Development Forecast 2017–2025


Global Solar Module Recycling Management Market: Overview

It is predicted that the global solar module recycling management market will be strengthened by the increasing adoption of processes such as mechanics for strong growth in the future. The mechanical process, due to its proven safety and the increasing installation of polycrystalline modules, could play a significant role in the recycling management of solar modules. Although laser technology is still emerging, it is expected that the proportion of laser processes will increase significantly in the coming years. On the other hand, the thermal process could be slightly below the growth rate of other processes. However, with the reduced silicon content in panels, it is expected that the demand for thermal processes will pay off.

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The global solar module recycling management market is expected to benefit from the growth of products such as polycrystalline cells, which are increasingly focused on introducing clean energy into developed countries. Polycrystalline cells are known for their high battery storage properties and their significant efficiency. Other products such as thin film photovoltaic cells (PV cells) could also contribute to the growth of the market as they are increasingly used due to benefits such as longer shelf life, superior quality and economical prices.

One of the trends that will continue in the competitive landscape of the global solar module recycling management market is the increase in shares in other companies. This was proven by Sunvault Energy’s purchase of around 50.0% in the Canadian waste incineration company CleanGen in 2015.

Global Solar Panel Recycling Management Market: Snapshot

The growing demand for sustainable energy has created an urgent need for solar panels as commercial, non-commercial and industrial units turn their attention to the use of solar energy. This has increased the demand for and acceptance of solar modules in recent years. In addition, an increasing number of government incentives for the installation of solar modules to use non-conventional energy sources has also triggered the demand for solar modules. The effects of these factors can also be seen in units upgrading their facilities with new and improved panels that are equipped with better technology and higher performance. However, this has created an urgent need to recycle old panels to ensure effective waste disposal and reduce carbon emissions, thus giving birth and boosting the global solar panel recycling management market.

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Global Solar Panel Recycling Management Market: Key Trends

Directives such as the 2012/19 / EU directive on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) announced in 2012 stated that manufacturers of PV systems must take responsibility for recycling decommissioned systems and ensuring that they are disposed of effectively. Therefore, a strict legal framework for the installation and decommissioning of solar panels is expected to boost the recycling management market in the near future. In addition, growing investments to reduce landfill pressure and reduce the carbon footprint have resulted in this market growing.

Global Market for Recycling Management for Solar Modules: Market Potential

Although the solar industry is in its infancy, component manufacturers are taking the responsibility for recycling seriously. Solar panel manufacturers have continuously focused on providing improved versions as requirements and consumption patterns have changed dramatically. The most popular method for recycling solar modules is a thermal and a mechanical process. Hellatron Recycling, an Italian company that provides innovative recycling solutions, states that the demand for solar panels is expected to grow exponentially over the years. It is therefore important to work with users to come up with the best possible solutions for recycling solar panels.

The company is currently focused on mechanical processes that delaminate the panels, salvage glass material and then cut them into thinner strips. The main advantage of using mechanical processes is that they are chemical free, resulting in less chemical contamination. The popularity of mechanical processes is also increasing due to their ability to reduce emissions over the long term. The company is a leader in compliance with the waste electrical and electronic equipment set for the sector.

Global Solar Panel Recycling Management Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, the global Solar Panel Recycling Management Market is segmented into North America, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific. Currently, North America leads the United States due to the growing awareness of solar panel recycling. This regional market is also being driven by a growing number of solar parks in the regions that are due to be modernized in the near future. Developing countries in Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region are also expected to grow steadily as they work towards becoming self-sufficient in terms of energy resources in the near future.

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The leading players in the global solar module recycling management market are Envaris, ECS Refining, REMA PV Systems, Eiki Shoji Ltd., Darfon Electronics Corporation, Chaoqiang Silicon Material, Rinovasol, PV Recycling, LLC, Suzhou Shangyunda Electronics, Silcontel, Cellnex Energy , IG Solar Private, recycling from Reiling Glass, Canadian Solar and First Solar.

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