Belongings you preserve telling your self to keep away from Shopping for Solar on your Enterprise


Purchasing a solar system is one of the most rewarding investment decisions for a company in the nation. Whether you’re a large company or a small to medium-sized business, Solar saves lakhs rupees on utility bills every month, optimizing a company’s running costs. However, when it comes to running solar, there are still fears that excuses will give way and delay the decision. Here are the answers to some of the top reasons some of our customers had before contacting us and choosing Go Solar. Today everyone is proud of their decision and financially strengthening their business every day.

1. “Going solar cannot save lakhs on electricity bills every year”

One of the main suspicions of business leaders is the potential savings that solar offers on their monthly electricity bills. The amount may seem unrealistic, but it is indeed true – solar power saves lakhs on utility bills every year. With a well-optimized solar system, up to 80% of the monthly electricity bills can be saved. MYSUN clients are proof of this. Here is a video of a MYSUN customer who saves 170 lakh rupees on utility bills every year.

You can now run the MYSUN Solar Calculator to determine the estimated savings potential of your company.

Can Solar Save Millions In A Year?

2. Solar systems are too expensive. And our company currently has no excess budget. ‘

Solar systems require a significant investment. With the various solar financing solutions now available with MYSUN, solar is surprisingly affordable for businesses of all sizes. Your company can either prepay the cost of capital for the solar system or defer the costs in simple installments MYSUN DPA (deferred payment plan). Since the MYSUN DPA installments are always less than or equal to the savings your company makes after running solar, in a sense your company is paying for the system by only paying the current monthly electricity bill. And after the system costs have evened out in 4 to 5 years, the electricity generated by the system is available to your company practically free of charge.

If not MYSUN DPA, your company can also take advantage of a solar loan from numerous MYSUN partner banks / NBFCs. With the MYSUN power purchase agreement, your company can even opt for solar without actually buying the solar system. You can learn more about these financing solutions by submitting an inquiry on MYSUN’s Solar Financing Solutions page.

Are solar systems expensive?

3. Going solar takes a lot of planning and evaluation. We don’t have the bandwidth to run solar right now. ‘

Converting your business into a solar powered organization seems like a lot of work. With MYSUN, all you have to do is show your interest in solarizing your business and our team of solar experts and consultants will take care of the rest unique architecture of your business area. From developing the most optimal solar system according to your company’s electricity needs to installing and maintaining the solar system for the entire 25 years of your company’s solar journey. Our team of solar experts will make sure you have a wonderful solar journey. With our innovative solar financing solutions, we make your solar trip affordable and offer you personalized solar solutions.

Planning and development for solar roofs

4. “Business is tough, so doing solar isn’t our priority right now.”

The economic challenge posed by the pandemic is no secret. It affected every business under the sun. However, as the market opens up, we have immense opportunities ahead of us. And if your business priority is coming out of it as a winner and growing profits exponentially, then going solar is your business priority. The savings your business will make after launching solar will help reduce operating expenses and increase profit margins. This will be worth gold in these challenging times. Many of our customers have managed to navigate these difficult times by saving significant operating costs thanks to solar.

Going solar is not my priority

5. There are too many solar installers. It’s too confusing to decide. ‘

Solar systems have a lifespan of over 25 years. Therefore, it is incredibly important to choose the right solar partner who will provide your company with high quality service for 25 years. MYSUN relies on premium components and robust service and maintenance solutions in order to keep the performance of your solar system optimal during its service life. MYSUN is based on technology and also offers advanced technology solutions such as remote monitoring and robot cleaning to bring the latest innovations to your roof. In addition, we ensure absolute security and transparency for our customers. That is why lakhs from rooftops across India have chosen MYSUN as their solarization partner.

Solar questions to the user

We hope this article will help you make your decision on solar concrete. If you have any questions, our solar consultants will be happy to advise you free of charge. Please contact us at: +91 8448380218 or write to us at [email protected]

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