Alliant Power Provides Battery Storage to Marshalltown Solar Backyard


Alliant Energy has added battery storage to the Marshalltown Solar Garden, which is located next to Alliant Energy’s Marshalltown Generating Station.

“With this solar + storage combination, we can supply our customers with solar energy day and night,” says Terry Kouba, President of Alliant Energy Iowa. “The solar field supplies the power grid with electricity when the sun is shining, and our battery enables our customers to continue using this renewable energy source in the evening when the sun is not shining.”

In full sun, the 2.55 MW AC Marshalltown Solar System can fully charge the 548 kWh battery in two hours. When discharged, the battery can supply almost 200 households with electricity for two hours. The solar garden was put into operation in mid-February and the battery has just been put into operation.

The company has three battery locations in Iowa, each of which is testing different combinations of solar and storage technology. The Marshalltown Battery is the company’s first battery connected directly to a utility-sized solar field. The Wellman battery provides resilience and reliability in rural areas with a variety of custom solar systems. Similarly, in Decorah, the battery is used as an “electron bank” to manage the capacity of a circuit rather than rebuilding it.

In 2003, Alliant Energy built its first solar system in Iowa at the Indian Creek Nature Center in Cedar Rapids. In 2015, the company added additional solar panels to increase Indian Creek’s capacity. Alliant Energy has two Dubuque solar gardens that have been generating clean energy for customers since 2017.

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