Emera Applied sciences formally unveils BlockEnergy and first mission with Lennar at NASEW


The day has come: Emera Technologies LLC has officially launched its new BlockEnergy energy supply system. Emera Technologies is a subsidiary of Emera Inc., a $ 32 billion Canadian-based energy company serving approximately 2.5 million utility customers in Canada, the United States, and the Caribbean. We were given the opportunity to speak exclusively about this technology, its development and the company’s plans for the past few months. I refer you back to this Kirtland Airforce Base microgrid feature, the New Grids on the Block feature in our summer edition of Solar Builder, and this episode of The Pitch with the CEO.

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But now it’s officially available in stores and ready for its first new housing estate launch. Simultaneously with the launch, BlockEnergy announced a partnership with Lennar Homes and the Metro Development Group for the medley subdivision within the planned Southshore Bay community in Tampa, Florida. It consists of 40 new Lennar houses, all of which are operated by BlockEnergy. It will be the first use of the BlockEnergy platform in residential areas in the USA. Each BlockEnergy BlockBox is located next to the house and is color-matched to the main exterior wall so that it is naturally located in the residential area while offering superior energy reliability and resilience.

“A year ago we were introduced to the team at Emera Technologies, who gave us an expanded look at BlockEnergy. Needless to say, it caught our attention and a year later we are ready to start our new project. Now we have the first community in the nation powered by BlockEnergy in Southshore Bay using an advanced community microgrid. This fits perfectly with the innovation of the Metro Places communities. As a true 21st century developer, we are committed to bringing some of the most innovative technologies and world-class amenities to our growing portfolio of communities, ”said Kartik Goyani, vice president of operations, Metro Development Group.

The service area for Southshore Bay is owned by Tampa Electric Co (TECO), which serves over 780,000 customers in the area. “Our TECO team is excited to evaluate the potential of BlockEnergy by installing this new community power system in the Southshore Bay medley community,” said Nancy Tower, President and Chief Executive Officer of Tampa Electric.

How it works

BlockEnergy is a modular, turnkey power supply system that uses battery storage, power electronics and lowering the cost of renewable energy. Together, these emerging innovations form the first utility-focused, rate-based, distributed energy business model owned and operated by a utility. The result is a flexible, scalable, distributed power platform that can work seamlessly with the grid.

Every home in a community has four levels of energy security: solar roof, local battery storage, community generation and storage, and the ability to interoperate with the power grid. Paired together, BlockEnergy offers advanced power security and maximum reliability. The technology that drives BlockEnergy can be connected to the local supply network without interruption. All of these connections result in the most reliable power supply available today.

BlockEnergy works as a mesh network and sets new houses at community level in loops of up to 50 houses at the same time on resilient, renewable energy. As the communities grow, BlockEnergy neighborhoods will simply connect with each other, leaving no stranded assets now or in the future.

BlockEnergy was developed to cope with the new load growth. It is integrated into the AC system and can be operated seamlessly separately and autonomously without the utility company requiring very little supervisory control. It uses an advanced control platform and algorithm to optimize the movement of energy in the system. BlockEnergy is the first of its kind – a front-of-the-meter energy solution that can be used today to cope with new residential loads.

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