Anand Mahindra asks to level out civil engineering fail in images, netizens baffled


A post on civil engineering disasters puzzled and scratched the head of internet users after business tycoon Ananda Mahindra shared two photos of civil engineering failures on his official handle on Twitter on October 17, asking followers to point out the folly in everyone. While users on the comment thread made a wild guess, those who found the design flaw aptly were surprised at the various design flaws the engineering geniuses had made.

The chairman of the Mahindra Group shared the photo of a solar panel installed on a roof and drained it in a bathroom. He humorously asked the audience to identify the mistake and record the responses in the comments. “What do you think has to do with the picture on the right that I tweeted some time ago?” He wrote in the headline on the post, which amassed over 16,2,000 likes and 1,4,000 retweets. “Some civil engineering knowledge may be required to understand the image to the right,” one user immediately pointed out when posting a simulation of how a drainage system would work. “These pipes can also be drainage pipes that run along the wall. The rainwater would enter and cause leaks at the corner. So it’s made on a slightly high level on purpose, ”he explained.

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A friend sent me this picture to the left of a solar panel on a roof. What do you think it has to do with the picture on the right that I tweeted a while back?

– anand mahindra (andanandmahindra) October 16, 2020

Netizens joked “same engineer”

Meanwhile, another said, “The same engineer,” pointing out that both photos showed an almost similar technical error. The first picture had the solar panels covered with a thick roof, making it inefficient, while the drain was built at a height from the surface and the water did not flow directly into it, as several users pointed out. Another disagreed, however, saying, “Shed is used as a regulator to keep the water from getting too hot. It’s actually about understanding technology. “

Another supported this idea when he wrote, “Most likely this is a layered structure to keep the water from getting too hot in summer. This solar collector can also heat water with diffuse solar radiation. The third joked, “I think both pictures are from the same house,” as commentators kept trying to guess exactly what the real mistake was.

Left: Solar water heater with temperature control mechanism at the source for extremely hot places.

Right: Shallow swimming pool with overflow drainage.

– AK Jha (@ AKJ2K15) October 16, 2020

Sir, this is a solar water heater. Excessively hot water is produced on summer days, which can damage the pipeline connected to the taps. So you can think of it as a temporary measure. And here is the original pic of the left

– Abhishek Ahuja (@ Abhishe86152146) October 16, 2020

Most likely this is a layered structure to keep the water from getting too hot in summer.

These solar collectors can also heat water with “diffuse solar radiation”.
Same reason you can get hot (albeit less temperate) water even during cloudy monsoons.

– Vatsal Patel (atsVatsaldmj), October 16, 2020

Different perspective
1. Solar panels that do not work are now converted to geyser with coil so that rainwater cannot fall and cause shock
2. This drain hole is not intended for the bathroom, it is for the sink when placed in this corner and then for the water pipe to be inserted into the drain hole

– Chethan Gowda (@ 007sck) October 16, 2020

Both are a waste of time, effort and energy.
And both of them fail the purpose for which they were invented, solar without sunlight and that exhaust is a joke too

– Pankaj Tandon (@PKTandon) October 17, 2020

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