The Screecher, a solar power-assisted four-wheeled pedal cycle


Solar powered transportation is taking a big step forward. The Screecher is the latest four-wheel electric bike to go into production. Unlike most of the others, this bike has some interesting features that we have never seen before.

Developed by Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based startup Sunox, the Screecher is an environmentally friendly, solar-powered pedal cycle that accelerates from zero to 15 mph in five seconds. Compared to conventional pedelecs, this model has four wheels and a curved solar roof that protects the driver from any weather.

The solar-powered pedal cycle accelerates from zero to 24 km / h in five seconds. Image credit: Sunox

The Screecher is powered in different ways: by two electric motors built into the rear wheels or by a combination of both. In the latter case, the amount of motor assistance can be selected by the user. The two electric motors deliver a continuous output of 350 W and a peak output of 500 W. This unusual e-bike is made in the USA, but thanks to its top speed of 25 km / h it can also be used as a pedelec in Germany. This is also supported by the fact that the track width of the e-bike enables riding on bike paths.

The 618 Wh lithium-ion battery can be removed and under normal driving conditions enables a range of up to 32 km on a single charge without pedaling or up to 56 km with pedal assistance. Depending on a number of variables, the terrain, the amount of sunlight or your driving style, the range of The Screecher will vary. When the battery is completely empty, it can be recharged in six hours by solar energy from the roof panels or connected for hours.

Screecher LCD displayScreecher LCD display. Image credit: Sunox

The 64 kg e-bike has a 100 W solar roof, and an optional solar panel can also be installed over the rear trunk to increase the charging speed. You won’t find a chain on the rear wheels as the Screecher is powered by the front wheels and also has all-wheel drive if required.

In addition, it can easily be transported in another vehicle as the roof can be removed and the Screecher can be folded in half for transport between trips.

Ultimately, the price was set with the aim of being able to lower it as the demand in the market increased. Because of this, Sunox has decided to market the Screecher at a consumer price of $ 4,495 per unit with worldwide shipping.

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