Panasonic power storage installers can now supply 100 % financing deal


Panasonic and Service Finance Company announced PowerOn, a new home energy storage financing program available exclusively to PanVonic EverVolt certified installers that enables homeowners to offer 100% financing to homeowners who want a complete energy storage system including EverVolt battery storage and solar panels Panasonic or EverVolt brands buy battery storage systems.

The PowerOn program provides affordable payments for homeowners and fast payment for installers. Homeowners can take advantage of federal tax credits and local incentives to cut their payments and repay loans faster through refinancing. All advertising credits offered under the PowerOn program include competitive financing terms.

The PowerOn program provides registered Panasonic EverVolt certified installers with several flexible, low-cost financing options that they can offer homeowners, including:

• Transparent pricing – no hidden fees
• No interest / no payment options, up to 18 months
• Short and long term low paying options
• Combination of solar and energy storage financing
• Competitive annual percentages

“The interest in energy storage systems has never been so high. One of the key missing ingredients was nationwide funding for energy storage that is easily accessible and affordable for homeowners. With PowerOn, any Panasonic EverVolt ™ certified installer can increase revenue by selling turnkey energy storage systems with a low monthly payment, ”said Mukesh Sethi, director of solar and energy storage at Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America. “Instead of paying in cash for a $ 15,000 battery storage system, a homeowner can now buy it out of pocket with no cash and simply make a low monthly payment. The Service Finance Company offers a very accessible financing program that allows installers who may not have been able to scale in the energy storage market to sell multiple EverVolt ™ systems. “

Service Finance Company has an easy-to-use dealer portal, online application and mobile app that offer fast customer approvals with four clicks and high approval rates.

“We are extremely excited to be the new recognized finance provider for the Panasonic Residential Solar Installer network. Our portfolio of financing products and the support we have in the market enable home improvement and solar installers to close more sales and help them grow their business profitably. We look forward to bringing our experience and know-how to Panasonic solar installers and dealers from day one, “said Mark Berch, President of Service Finance Co.” The combination of our world-class financing products and support with that Panasonic’s advanced product design and functionality enable installers to provide their customers with a truly advanced energy storage solution as well as an easy and inexpensive way to pay for the system, ”concluded Berch.

The PowerOn platform training will now start. Webinars will be held to provide more detailed information on how to access and apply for PowerOn and how installers can use the funding to increase sales of Panasonic branded solar panels and EverVolt energy storage systems.

The Panasonic Residential Solar Installer program launched in 2016, which includes confirmation of the Panasonic EverVolt ™ Certified Installer, offers partners who meet Panasonic’s high quality standards exclusive benefits and business opportunities. In addition to business-promoting perks, members can pass on the benefits they receive, such as special prices and preferential access to popular and new products, to consumers. Visit to learn how to become a Panasonic EverVolt ™ certified installer.

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