Ameren Illinois Information Internet Metering Tariff Request with the ICC


Ameren Illinois has filed a special permit tariff with the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) to help new rooftop solar customers maintain full compensation for the excess electricity they produce in the event the commission determines that an important net metering calculation be changed should be.

According to Ameren Illinois proposed changes to Rider NM – Net Metering, rooftop private and small solar customers who completed construction of their generation after October 1 will receive retrospective credits for their delivery costs in the event the ICC changes to Net Metering -Program. Ameren Illinois customers who completed their generating facilities prior to October 1st will continue to receive full net metering benefits and will not be affected by the proposed tariff.

“Unfortunately, the current regulations, negotiated in 2017 by some of the most vocal critics today, are confusing,” said Richard J. Mark, chairman and president of Ameren Illinois. “As the net metering problem is currently under investigation, we would like to assure our new rooftop solar customers that they will receive the benefits permitted under the regulation. At the same time, it is important that we also ensure that important customer protection measures remain in place. “

Current law provides for consumer protection that removes the supply of solar net metering credit for new customers once the total amount of solar generated electricity meets or exceeds 5% of Ameren Illinois peak demand. The threshold was reached on October 1st.

If approved, the tariff submitted by Ameren Illinois today would allow the company to retrospectively credit new net meter customers with delivery and delivery values ​​if the ICC orders changes to the method used to calculate the threshold in future proceedings.

Photo: Ameren Illinois’ renewable energy website

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