Inovateus Solar, Companions Launch Good Capital Financing Enterprise


To continue expanding in the clean energy industry, Inovateus launched Solar Brilliant Capital, a solar project finance project.

Brilliant Capital is a joint venture between Middleburg Capital Development (MCD) and LogiKan Group and will expand the core competencies of Inovateus’ development, engineering, procurement and construction portfolio. The new company will take on two roles as system owner and operator and will provide development capital for early and mid-stage solar projects. This highly integrated offering will accelerate Inovateus’ activities in commercial, industrial, community and utility projects in the Midwest and the United States

“Finding the right solar finance partner can be a major and cumbersome bottleneck that can delay the start of projects,” said TJ Kanczuzewski, CEO of Inovateus Solar. “By providing Inovateus customers with easy access to project finance from Brilliant Capital, we can speed development and due diligence processes and start installation much earlier and at a lower cost.”

Before the official start, Brilliant Capital’s clients invested in numerous solar projects that are now in operation. The company currently has 1,500 MW under development and is actively looking for new project opportunities. In addition to financing projects for Inovateus customers, Brilliant Capital and Inovateus offer a one-stop-shop solution for developers looking for EPC and financing services.

Brilliant Capital has had success in the commercial and industrial project market namely the headquarters of Inovateus Solar, Entrust Schools, Lippert Components and Kokomo Solar. These projects went live in 2019 and are a huge leap forward in renewable energy for Indiana and Ohio.

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