JinkoSolar’s Tiger Professional Twin Glass Module Receives IEC Certification


According to JinkoSolar Holding Co. Ltd., a manufacturer of solar modules, its Tiger Pro double-glazed module has received the world’s first IEC TS 62804-1-1: 2020 certificate from DEKRA, one of the world’s largest independent inspection companies.

As a result of product certification and testing by DEKRA, products must meet the necessary safety and performance standards that comply with international regulations. IEC TS 62804-1-1: 2020 tests and evaluates the effect of potential-induced degradation-delamination (PID-d) in the laminate of crystalline silicon PV modules. If modules are exposed to high temperatures and high humidity over a long period of time, positive charge collects on the surface of the material and cathodic gas is released into the cell circuit. This leads to metallization which causes reduced adhesion between materials and ultimately delamination of module components.

“We are very pleased to be the first to receive DEKRA product certification for the best anti-PID performance results for the Tiger Pro module,” says Dr. Hao Jin, CTO of JinkoSolar. “As the global market accelerates its adoption of high power modules to reduce LCOE, the market is also moving towards larger wafer sizes and new cell interconnection technologies that enable ultra-high output powers. This highly technical requirement poses many challenges when choosing critical products to maximize return on investment. The Tiger Pro series is our answer to the needs of our customers for higher performance, high module efficiency, reliability and reduced resistance loss under all weather conditions. “

The performance test added the DH1000 test in connection with exposure to moist heat to the test procedure of IEC TS 62804-1: 2015 and extended the PID test time to 240 hours. Passing all tests fully demonstrated the outstanding anti-PID performance, premium quality, and high reliability of the module in the most extreme environments, the company notes.

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