Soligent will donate funding for clear ingesting water entry for each solar mission financed by its Loanpal program


Soligent, a distributor of solar systems, donates to the charitable GivePower for every solar job financed through the Soligent Loanpal Direct Pay Program. GivePower is committed to expanding the environmental and social benefits of clean, renewable energy around the world, and this special donation from Soligent will fund access to safe drinking water.

“Soligent is here to make a positive impact on the world through renewable energies. Our partnership with GivePower ensures that for every solar system financed through Solar Engine’s Loanpal Direct Pay program this year, a contribution is made to support a solar and desalination system in a developing country by providing access to drinking water. The Soligent team, and on behalf of our installers who work with us, take pride in scaling our well-being, ”said Jonathan Doochin, CEO of Soligent.

“Now that we have such a meaningful contribution through the Solar Engine Loanpal Direct Pay program, Soligent is able to reinforce its purpose of providing installers with the best resources available with quality customer service and trusted brands at the same time contributing to a global need for clean products water. We look forward to working closely with the GivePower team and taking the necessary steps to address the growing problem of limited access to clean water around the world, “said Ken Lima, Soligent Executive Vice President.

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