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Both products are based on CIGS solar cells with an efficiency of 22% and are manufactured in Asia. One of the two devices has a flat design and a power of 80 W, and a second product is rated at 30 W and has a wavy design.

May 27, 2021

Canada-based BIPV module supplier Targray has started selling two types of solar tiles for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), which it claims can be installed with any building envelope.

The tiles were developed in South Korea and are currently being manufactured in Asia. “Our manufacturing partner has two factories in South Korea and China,” said a company spokesman pv magazine. “Their total capacity is 500 MW.”

One of the two products has a flat design and a standardized modular design for easy installation. It is based on copper, indium, gallium and selenide cells (CIGS), which are manufactured by nameless manufacturers in Germany and the USA.

The solar tile with a flat design.

Image: Targray

The tile has an output power of 80 W, an open circuit voltage of 10.58 V, a short circuit current of 8.9 A and a maximum system voltage of 600 W. Each panel measures 156.75 × 156.75 mm and consists of 16 solar cells with a Efficiency of 22% each.

The BIPV panel should also offer excellent weather protection, thermal insulation and noise protection.

A second solar tile with a wavy design should be ideal for integration into traditional buildings. This device is available in black, red and gold versions and also consists of CIGS cells. It has dimensions of 721x500x41mm and a weight of 9.5 kg.

The tile with the wavy design.

Image: Targray

This tile has an output of 30 W, an open circuit voltage of 10.6 V and a short circuit current of 4.3 A.

Targray, which also supplies solar walls and other types of BIPV products, including solar facades and cells, plans to sell its products in the US, Canada, Asia and Europe. “Their price will vary based on grade and custom orders,” the spokesman continued. “The general price is between $ 1.30 and $ 2.00 per watt.”

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