South Carolina rejects Dominion’s punitive solar charge proposal in favor of internet metering tariff


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Last week, South Carolina Public Service Commissioner Tom Ervin moved for adoption of a proposal that included several proposals from various non-utility companies, including the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) and the NC Sustainable Energy Association (NCEA), on successor tariffs for the Net measurement included.

Dominion’s original proposal was prohibitively expensive for solar customers. This would have resulted in excessive fixed and variable unavoidable monthly fees that would drastically slow the adoption of rooftop solar energy in South Carolina. Today, the Commission unanimously rejected Dominion’s proposal, opting instead to introduce a net metering tariff based on several proposals from the common parties.

“This was the right decision for South Carolina payers and the local solar industry,” said Will Giese, SEIA’s regional director for Southeast. “Dominion Energy’s proposal would have created harmful, unnecessary fees for rooftop solar customers in South Carolina, and this decision rejects that proposal and implements the parties’ proposals.

“The decision also recognizes the legislative intent of the Energy Freedom Act of 2019 and will go a long way in building a vibrant clean energy industry in the state. Ultimately, this gives South Carolinians the freedom to opt for inexpensive solar roofs, while helping to create jobs, reduce emissions and keep electricity bills low for all tariff payers.

“We commend the Commission for its decision and look forward to continuing to work with the Commission and Heads of State to understand the benefits of affordable, clean solar energy. The commission sent a clear message to the people of South Carolina that solar roofs are key to the state’s energy future. ”

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