Iron Mountain Monitoring Hourly Renewable Vitality Utilization


Iron Mountain Inc., a storage and information management services company, says it is advancing the development of improved solutions for buying renewable energy through readily available retail channels by entering into an agreement with RPD Energy and Direct Energy to track the hourly renewable energy load of the energy Iron Mountain data centers.

The structure will use 100% renewable energy to provide hourly usage of all Iron Mountain facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey (over 60 buildings) including two data centers. Traditional renewable energy solutions seek to adjust a buyer’s load only annually or monthly without ensuring that renewables are available when customers are consuming electricity. Tracking the generator’s hourly usage and comparing it to Iron Mountain’s hourly usage shows a future vision of how businesses transition to a truly carbon-free energy supply.

“It is very gratifying to see the power of working together and we hope that transactions like this one can show that the market is more flexible to meet the increasingly aggressive demands of truly renewable power around the clock,” says Eric Alam, CEO of RPD Energy. “RPD Energy’s job was to identify the right dedicated generator and retail supplier to ensure Iron Mountain could achieve a truly unique result. Working with Axpo US to develop a wholesale transaction for EDP Renewables North America and the Direct team to develop the retail product that meets Iron Mountain’s requirements required the patience, determination and collaboration of all parties leading to these groundbreaking deals . ”

RPD Energy, a company that, in conjunction with Direct Energy, specializes in green energy solutions for businesses, will provide Iron Mountain with a monthly report showing the correspondence of Iron Mountain’s average hourly generation and actual hourly consumption from the grid is documented. To ensure the integrity of the deal’s renewable impacts, traceability and environmental claims will be secured through renewable energy credits provided through EDP Renewables North America and sourced from the same renewable developer.

Photo: Eric Alam

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