Maxeon Solar may open a 1.8-GW solar panel meeting plant in the US


When SunPower spun off its solar module manufacturing efforts into the new Maxeon Solar Technologies in August 2020, it was planned that SunPower would continue to manufacture its own P-series solar modules for the US market from the Oregon plant it had acquired from SolarWorld. Five months later, SunPower ceased production in Oregon. Maxeon has now announced that it will sell its performance line of shingle solar modules in the US, initially through a Mexican manufacturing facility and then possibly through a new US facility.

Assembling solar modules in Maxeon’s plant in Mexico

Maxeon’s two-phase expansion of production capacity was expected to bring up to 3.6 GW of new module assembly to North America. The expansion depends on Maxeon receiving the finance to purchase equipment. After that, first sales in the US are expected to begin in the first quarter of 2022.

“We are excited to announce this initiative to expand our presence in the US market. By using existing supply chain assets in North AmericaWe can offer Maxeon’s industry leading clapboard module technology to the rapidly growing US market, ”he said Jeff Waters, CEO of Maxeon Solar Technologies. “Maxeon already has a strong presence in the US market for decentralized generation on the roof (DG) as we supply SunPower Corporation with IBC (Interdigitaled Back Contact) panels. We believe we can expand the scope of this partnership by also supplying SunPower with performance panels for use in the DG business and expanding their offering to capture more of the available market. We intend to add and expand our presence in the United States through direct sales in the large, rapidly growing, large-scale segment that our current SunPower partnership does not address. “

In the first phase of the production expansion, Maxeon plans to use existing assets to quickly reach 1.8 GW of new capacity. Large format G12 mono PERC solar cells are manufactured at the Maxeon production site in MalaysiaThe assembly of the modules is planned for the current Maxeon plant in Mexicali, Mexico.

Maxeon will also begin the search for an optimal location for module assembly in the US with a capacity of up to 1.8 GW. If successful, this second phase is expected to start operating in 2023.

“By using existing manufacturing facilities for the first phase, we can leverage our current plant footprint and experienced, highly skilled workforce to rapidly increase the volume of our advanced Performance Line solar modules sold in the US market. Larger volume in Malaysia and Mexico This will also improve overhead utilization and help lower the cost of our industry leading IBC products, ”said Waters. “Our Mexicali Factory offers a particularly efficient outbound logistics profile for customers in the southwest of the USA. This and later planned expansion of our assembly capacity for Performance Line modules in the USA will bring our supply chain even closer to our customers. “

With the new capacity, the latest bifacial panel technology from Maxeon will be produced with a nominal power of up to 650 W per panel and an efficiency of over 21%. While Maxeon’s primary target market for the new capacity will be utility-scale power plants and large commercial and industrial systems, the company also plans to manufacture panels suitable for attic applications in the residential and commercial segments.

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