Redwood Supplies to course of batteries and solar panels recycled by means of ERI


The electronics recycler ERI and Redwood Materials work together to recycle batteries and solar modules. Redwoods Materials was co-founded by former Tesla CTO JB Straubel and is dedicated to the responsible handling of electronic waste.

“The collaboration between ERI and Redwood Materials signals a unique, unprecedented partnership that will tackle the ‘last mile’ of electronic recycling: solar panels and batteries,” said John Shegerian, co-founder and executive chairman of ERI. “And this will be done in a radically transparent, universal regulation in which elements – made of cobalt, nickel, copper, lithium – are kept away from landfills, recycled responsibly and returned to new products.”

“Redwood is focused on steadily and relentlessly improving the recycling economy with technology to reduce material costs and create a circular supply chain for a sustainable future,” said Straubel, CEO of Redwood Materials. “By partnering with ERI, we can ensure that the largest range of e-waste batteries in the US are recycled into materials to build new electric vehicles and clean energy products.”

According to Forbes, Redwood receives up to 30 tons of lithium batteries per week, which ERI collects. Redwood is also launching a pilot program to recover materials from solar panels collected by ERI.

Redwood currently operates two processing operations in Nevada that focus on batteries.

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