Ingeteam rolls out new large-scale skid solar energy station


Ingeteam has developed its new INGECON SUN FSK power plant for large solar systems and battery storage systems, as it can achieve a medium-voltage output power of 7.2 MW with its nominal output.

This new design aims to make installation and connection on site as easy as possible. For this reason, all elements previously connected at the factory are included. In addition, this solution can be transported by land as well as by sea, as it can be placed directly on the trailer of a truck or in a 40-foot container, so it can be installed anywhere in the world.

The first units of this fully skid-proof power plant were manufactured in Navarra, Spain and are already being supplied to various photovoltaic projects.

Flexibility is another advantage of this solution, as one to four solar or battery inverters (1500 VDC or 1000 VDC) can be integrated. The output power range therefore varies between 1 MW and 7.2 MW, allowing Ingeteam to adapt to all types of inverters project configurations and sizes.

In addition to the inverters, the LV / MV power transformer, the transformer oil tank, the medium-voltage switchgear, the auxiliary service panel and the auxiliary service transformer are also integrated in this power plant, which optimizes the use of the available space as much as possible.

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