MYSUN Solar Calculator will get new options. Your go-to device for estimating your solar potential is much more highly effective.


The MYSUN Solar Calculator, India’s most popular online solar self-assessment tool, has helped millions of Indians assess their solar potential. Thanks to AI technology, the calculator has enabled the country’s electricity consumers to anticipate their savings, investments and return on investment from solar energy based on their unique geographic location.

The MYSUN solar calculator has given consumers in various categories – residential, commercial and industrial – the opportunity to simulate their personalized solar benefits. Today it is an essential step in the journey of solar and business owners in India.

This growing importance of the calculator is one of the main reasons we continue to pay attention to the calculator user experience and have recently worked to improve it even further. With the help of this blog today, we hope to bring out the new upgrades and amazing features that include the brand new MYSUN Solar Calculator.

New functions of the MYSUN solar calculator

In addition to the pre-existing features to help you achieve your solar savings, optimal system size, required investment, and return on investment, the new features added to the updated version of the MYSUN Solar Calculator can be broadly divided into these three categories :

    1. Complete the new user interface for better user experience

    2. Exclusive Financing Fold for a clear comparison of your financing / ownership options

    3. A supplementary detailed report for a more flexible assessment

1. Complete the new user interface for a better user experience

The user experience is crucial in order to gain affinity for a product we use. The updated MYSUN Solar Calculator therefore has an improved experience at the core of its build. The new MYSUN Solar Calculator offers several advanced personalization options that give users complete control over their solarization needs. The updated version gives you a one-stop destination for all of your solar calculations. The neat design groups and divides the features into separate folds so you can easily navigate the technical and financial aspects of the issue.

Solar calculator India
First fold with the basic functions of the MYSUN solar calculator

While the first fold shows an easy to understand basic assessment of your solar potential, the second fold shows the advanced customizable features that allow you to easily enter the values ​​according to your unique architectural needs and review the impact of these adjustments on your energy generation, savings and yields Solar. For example, if your roof structure is sloping rather than flat, you can now use the new calculator to check the effects on your system’s energy generating capacity and thus on your solar returns. Based on this, you can determine if you need to go for a larger system size to meet your electricity needs, provided you have sufficient roof space and flexibility to increase the system size according to your approved load and your state’s solar policy.

You can also check your exact solar potential by adjusting the sanctioned load, connection type i.e. low voltage / high voltage, grid measurement preference, available roof area, solar energy consumption and shadow objects according to your specific requirements. You can even check your solar energy savings by the orientation of the solar panels, i.e. east, west, north or south. With the new MYSUN solar calculator, you have the opportunity to access your solar benefits more precisely than before.

Solar power calculator India
Second fold with extended functions of the MYSUN solar calculator

2. An exclusive financing fold for comparisons of solar financing

The improved MYSUN Solar Calculator now has an exclusive funding fold to demonstrate the different funding options you can choose from when running solar. In a well demonstrated comparison between CAPEX(Capital expenditure), DPA (Deferred Payment Agreement) and PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) models for financing / purchasing solar energy. The funding fold shows the financial gains that you can make or miss out on by choosing a specific solar funding option.

For example, if you are a commercial category electricity user from Delhi with an average monthly electricity bill of INR 1 lakh, the calculator will show you what your solar savings will be if you fall under solar power CAPEX Model of buying solar as the DPA or PPA.

Solar calculator

The funding fold shows you that too Payback period and the equity IRR of your solar investment to help you compare and find your optimal solar finance / purchase model based on your financial needs / situation. For example, as the calculator below shows, a Delhi-based commercial entity with an average utility bill of INR 1 lakh can expect its solar investment to pay for itself in 1.9 years CAPEX and 2.2 years in the case of DPA. After this period, the company can use electricity from solar energy practically free of charge.

Solar roof calculator

In addition, the financing fold also brings out what is often overlooked when choosing an optimal solar purchase model, ie the tiered electricity costs for you – the average energy costs per unit that you incur with each of these solar financing. Buying models in the next 25 years of your solar journey. In the case of the above example, the electricity costs for a commercial in Delhi with a monthly electricity bill of INR 1 lakh are the lowest CAPEX followed by DPA, PPA and then the mains power:

Solar power calculator

3. The free detailed report to give you more flexibility

The new MYSUN solar calculator offers a detailed online evaluation of your solar potential and enables you to switch your first evaluation offline. This gives you the opportunity to document and discuss the assessment with your team and family. The downloadable report with AI technology gives you a detailed overview of your benefits from solar, as well as the costs involved, and the results you can expect when you switch to solar with MYSUN. This makes it easier for you, especially if you are a leading entrepreneur, to make a well-considered decision about how to proceed with your solar system purchase. You can contact MYSUN Solar Advisors for a more detailed proposal.

Solar panel calculator India

Solar energy is a one-time investment that you will benefit from over a period of 25 years. To get the most out of this investment, it is best to have a clear picture of where the investment is going to take you or your business. With the updated MYSUN Solar Calculator, you can easily find out the same and find out your solar yields in a more quantifiable and engaging way. Run the MYSUN solar calculator now and start your solar journey today.

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