US can’t compete with low cost Chinese language solar panels


Grady Trimble of FOX Business speaks to an executive at one of the few companies that makes solar panels in the United States

According to a US manufacturer, solar modules made in the USA cannot “compete” with Chinese prices as the demand for green energy increases under the Biden government.

Paul Mutchler, director of energy for commercial activities for Mission Solar Energy in San Antonio, Texas, told FOX Business’s Grady Trimble that its inability to compete with China on price has led the company to “compete for quality”. Mission Solar Energy is one of the few companies that makes solar modules in the United States

“We have to make sure that everything we do here is of a higher standard than anything else,” he said on Monday.


Mutchler’s comments are amid President Biden’s emphasis on green energy, which pledges to achieve a net-zero electricity grid by 2035 and a net-zero economy by 2050.

The president has already signed a number of executive orders aimed at moving the US economy from reliance on fossil fuels to cleaner, renewable energy sources such as sun and wind.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), two-thirds of all solar modules in the world are made in China, and Mission Solar Energy is one of the few companies that makes modules in the United States

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“Everything we do here in the US is to support manufacturing orders,” said Mutchler. “We try to make sure everything is made to a very high standard, even though a lot of things go overseas.”

The Texas Mission Solar Energy Factory was also challenged by the most recent deadly winter storm and is about a week behind production due to power outages.


Jonathan Garber of FOX Business contributed to this article.

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