CleanSpark launches mVoult as a extra inexpensive dwelling microgrid controller


With the introduction of mVoult – a standalone energy management controller that can control the operation of existing and new energy systems – CleanSpark is scaling its robust microgrid controller software to better serve the residential real estate market. mVoult is offered as a smart controller and mobile app that have been specially developed for residential applications. The company also plans to introduce a fully integrated energy storage and control solution under the mVoult brand. The home power solution enables the selection of optional add-ons such as solar integration or emergency power generators. It is expected that the systems will continue to support the company’s energy and manufacturer-independent solutions. CleanSpark’s microgrids for private households can be integrated into new or existing energy management assets or systems.

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CleanSpark’s smart control technology has been used in commercial applications as well as mission-critical military operations for several years. The demand for such solutions from homeowners, particularly in California and now possibly Texas, for solar and storage solutions to provide backup power due to power outages or power outages due to the risk of forest fires and high electricity consumption rates during heat waves has increased significantly.

More about CleanSpark … CleanSpark already offers mPulse for large and property-sized residential micro-networks. The launch of mVoult is expected to significantly expand the company’s reach in the residential real estate market and create a product that can support homes of all sizes. CleanSpark has already set up and staffed a direct sales department over the past 30 days to support the growth of the company and its partners.

A home microgrid with a smart controller gives the homeowner considerable flexibility in managing cost savings and resilience. With the expected expansion of government incentive programs under the administration of Biden and the falling cost of energy systems, a home microgrid has become an even more viable option for homeowners.

“This is not our first foray into residential energy systems, but the focus on growth in sales in microgrid solutions for residential applications is expected to be a significant contributor to the company’s revenue mix,” said Zach Bradford, President and CEO of CleanSpark.

CleanSpark is expected to take pre-orders for both the standalone controls and the fully integrated solution in April 2021. The installation of the solution is expected to begin in summer 2021.

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