Virginia utility points RFP for 300 MW of renewable power tasks


Appalachian Power has published a Call for Proposals (RFPs) for solar and / or wind generation resources up to 300 MW. The tender is the first in a series of tenders that Appalachian Power will launch this year to comply with the Virginia Clean Economy Act (VCEA).

Under the VCEA, Appalachian Power must meet its annual targets as it works towards 100% carbon-free energy in its Virginia coverage area by 2050. The company is looking for plants with a size of at least 50 MW and commercial operation by mid-December 2023. Although proposals with an operation date by December 15, 2024 at the latest will be considered. Bidders can also submit proposals with an option for a battery storage system.

“This is Appalachian Power’s largest single year request for renewable energy offers,” said Chris Beam, President and COO of Appalachian Power. “We look forward to reviewing the proposals and launching additional tenders later this year as we expand our portfolio and focus on clean energy.”

Under the RFP, Appalachian Power may acquire a single or multiple solar and / or wind turbines from bidders who meet certain economic and operational criteria. Proposals eligible for federal tax credits are preferred but are not required.

Solar projects must be in Virginia to be considered. Virginia wind projects are preferred but not required. All projects must be affiliated with PJM, the independent regional transmission organization that manages the power grid in 13 states, including Virginia.

Companies wishing to submit a proposal can access criteria, required forms and other specifics at Proposals must be submitted by March 31, 2021. Any project selected by Appalachian Power as part of the RFP process is subject to and must be approved by the required regulatory authorities.

Appalachian Power generates around 1,900 GWh of energy from renewable sources annually.

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