Worldwide Solar Alliance Names New Director-Common


The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has appointed Dr. Ajay Mathur appointed as the new General Manager after his election at the first special meeting, which took place virtually. Mathur replaces Upendra Tripathy, who has served as the ISA’s general director since it was founded in 2015.

ISA, a coalition of 73 member countries, was founded in late 2015 to accelerate the demand for solar energy. The goal is to mobilize more than $ 1 trillion in investments in solar projects by 2030 using targeted advocacy, political and regulatory support, capacity building and overcoming perceived investment barriers.

Mathur’s appointment as an executive at the ISA will take place in a year in which the implementation of the commitments on global climate change will be the focus: 2021 began with the renewed focus of the USA on the climate by the Biden government and will come with COP26, UN climate change conference in Great Britain, culminating in November. As the only multilateral forum dedicated to solar energy transition and building on existing milestones, including pooling resources among its members and creating economies of scale to lower clean energy costs, ISA stands ready to extend its commitment to global transition Solar energy through the EU to renew new leadership.

“I am honored to lead the ISA and I hope what we can achieve together with our members and partners to achieve a safer, more sustainable, more equitable and more successful future for all through solar energy,” says Mathur. “ISA plays an important role in building the infrastructure and ecosystem for a future without CO2 emissions. With strong foundations already in place, my immediate focus is on identifying and mobilizing the opportunities and capital to accelerate our solarization goals temporarily and in the long term. “

Mathur is currently General Director of the Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), which has been driving the energy transition to renewable energies and reducing air pollution in cities over the past five years. He holds leadership positions at the Bureau of Energy Efficiency and the Green Climate Fund.

Photo: Dr. Ajay Mathur

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