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BHUBANESWAR: The State Single Window Authorization Authority (SLSWCA) on Tuesday approved eight industrial projects that include investments of Rs 1,242.02 billion in the metal and metal downstream, IT, manufacturing, logistics and tourism sectors. These industrial projects will create employment opportunities for 3,135 people in the state, said Industries General Secretary Hemant Kumar Sharma.

A meeting of the Authority, chaired by General Secretary SC Mohapatra, approved IREL IDCOL Ltd’s proposal for an integrated heavy beach sand project in Krushnaprasad, Puri District, with an investment of Rs 460 billion. The project will create jobs for over 800 people. The planned logistics park of Jagannath Industrial and Logistics Parks Private Limited in Tangi-Choudwar in the district of Cuttack with an investment of also 140 billion rupees was approved during the meeting. The park has employment potential for over 110 people.

That said, SLM Powders Private Limited’s proposal to build a 30,000 MTPA atomized iron powder facility with an investment of Rs 67.83 billion at the IDCO Industrial Estate in Kulanga, Sundargarh District was approved. The company will create jobs for over 430 people. The PET Preforms and Closures (Unit-II) production unit with a capacity of 24,000 tons per year for the food and beverage industry of Oricon Enterprises Ltd in Khurda with an investment of 120 billion rupees has been approved by the agency. It will create jobs for over 110 people.

Surya International’s proposal to set up a production unit for the manufacture of solar modules, advanced storage batteries such as lithium-ion, electronic products for energy management, electromechanical components, USB data cables and HDMI cables in EMC Park (Info Valley) in Khurda was also deleted . The promoter will invest 67.50 rupees in the project and the facility will create jobs for over 680 people.

In the hospitality sector, three proposals were approved. The single window approved Pravat Hospitality Pvt Ltd’s project proposal for a five-star hotel and luxury resort in Puri with an investment of 135.69 rupees. The employment potential of the resort is around 350. Another five-star luxury resort from Swosti Premium Ltd in Puri with an investment of 134 billion rupees and a four-star hotel from Hotel Eden Roc in Bhubaneswar with an investment of 117 billion rupees. Rupees were given the nod.

The projects will create jobs for 310 and 345 people respectively. Sharma said the state significantly improved business operations through a series of reforms that helped attract Rs.120.456.74 billion in investment over the past year.

Large ticket projects:

  • 1,242.02 cr investments in six major sectors
  • 3,135 jobs are to be created
  • Rs 460 cr will be invested by IREL IDCOL Ltd for integrated heavy beach sand projects in Puri
  • Rs 67.83 cr to be spent by SLM Powders on a 30,000 MTPA atomized iron powder plant
  • Rs 117 cr will be spent by Hotel Eden Roc on a four star hotel in Bhubaneswar

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