EDF Renewables Brings Desert Harvest Tasks On-line


EDF Renewables North America has achieved commercial operation of the Desert Harvest 1 (114 MW DC) and Desert Harvest 2 (100 MW DC) solar projects.

Desert Harvest 1 provides power to MCE under a 20-year power purchase agreement (PPA), while Desert Harvest 2 provides the Southern California Public Power Authority (SCPPA) with energy and renewable properties under a 25-year renewable energy loan (REC) and a Index delivers structure contract.

The two projects sit side by side on unincorporated lots in Riverside County, California that are administered by the Federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM). The BLM has designated this area as a solar energy zone (SEZ) and a development focus – land that is reserved for the development of renewable energies on a supply scale. Construction work for the Desert Harvest projects involved careful consideration and mitigation for a variety of environmental issues including local wildlife habitats, tribal and cultural resources, aesthetics, and noise and dust control. Both projects consist of a horizontal single-axis solar photovoltaic (PV) technology. Desert Harvest 2 includes a 4-hour energy storage system (ESS) with 35 MW.

“EDF Renewables is excited to partner with participating MCE and SCPPA members – Anaheim, Burbank and Vernon – to deliver affordable solar power to their respective customers through the Desert Harvest Solar Projects,” said Ryan Pfaff, executive vice president for Development at EDF Renewables. “We are proud to bring these important solar additions to fruition especially during this very challenging pandemic. The construction team and all of our subcontractors and suppliers deserve praise for delivering on time, with health and safety a top priority. “

The construction of Desert Harvest 1 and 2 included nearly 190,000 man hours in collaboration with local industries and unions including: Laboratories Local 1184, Operators Local 12, Ironworkers Local 433 and IBEW Local 440. These partnerships add to the over 1.5 million man hours and 5,000 from MCE on jobs in new California renewable energy projects.

EDF Renewables’ Asset Optimization group will provide operational and maintenance services throughout the project. The group will provide NERC compliance support, remote monitoring and asset balance management to maximize power generation.

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