New software program software SolarKinesys goals to streamline solar O&M processes


CloudKinesys, an Atlanta-based software development and cloud consulting practice, announced the release of SolarKinesys, its signature suite of O&M tools for the solar industry.

SolarKinesys aggregates critical information across multiple vendors’ footprints, normalizes the data, and displays it in an easy-to-use dashboard that can be viewed on any device.

“SolarKinesys is a cloud-hosted suite of Solar Operations and Management (O&M) tools that enable O&M teams to report, manage and bill their multivendor environments through a centralized interface,” said Michael Zeitlin, CloudKinesys CEO. “This significantly increases the efficiency and accuracy of reports and invoices. In addition, the tool suite includes built-in reporting functions that are essential for marketing and customer / investor presentations. “

SolarKinesys also provides billing information, automatic billing and can be synchronized with existing accounting systems. The incident management and monthly reporting module enables the O&M team to manage warranties, service providers, and incident resolution policies. The document management module enables users to create, negotiate, approve, and sign contracts and quotations. In addition, this module enables user-friendly document management with interfaces to common document repositories.

Many existing reporting systems require operators to go through tedious and time-consuming processes of cutting, pasting, and reformatting files in order to get meaningful data and reports. SolarKinesys collects remote location information and converts it into actionable business intelligence. For more information or to request a demo, contact

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