Generac companions with a number one Southern California solar installer


Generac Power Systems continues to build important relationships in the solar market and this week announces a partnership with Baker Electric Home Energy. Baker is a leading provider of integrated home energy solutions – the sixth largest residential solar installer in Southern California. Baker’s market presence and expertise in power generation, management and optimization are definitely a big deal for Generac as the company establishes its integrated PWRcell systems and whole house solutions.

“We are excited to partner with a major player in the US residential solar market like Baker. she
are a leading organization in the US and a powerhouse in California, ”said Russ Minick, chief marketing officer
Officer, Generac. “Together we can offer homeowners more solar and storage, which is necessary for reliability
and resilience now more than ever with the increase in power shutoff events for public safety. “

Ian Lochore, VP and General Manager of Baker’s PV division, said, “We are excited to offer Generac PWRcell
Due to its innovative integrated system design with its strong brand and reliability as the most powerful energy storage system on the market today. “

Since its introduction in 2019, Generac’s PWRcell Solar + storage system has been the most powerful energy storage system
System for homeowners who want energy savings and backup power. Now is the availability of the Generac product
Its capacity and improved performance over its competitors create new and attractive options
for homeowners, including a complete home power solution and the option of outdoor installation. Here’s our deep dive into the technology:

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