Octillion, Orison aimed this smaller-scale vitality storage unit proper at householders to self-install


Octillion Power Systems of Hayward, Calif., A provider of advanced lithium-ion storage systems, worked with Orison Inc., a Wyoming-based energy storage company, to develop a compact, bespoke battery that allows homeowners to install their own home battery system, which is made from either from an existing solar system or from the grid, so that it can be used in the event of an unexpected power interruption.

As shown above, it’s definitely smaller and modular. Octillion supplied 1.1 kWh of batteries for the new system, each using two batteries. A single battery is 2.5 inches thick and weighs only 22 pounds. On average, the overall system, which includes power electronics and an inverter, weighs 85 pounds excluding individual components, over 28 pounds, compared to other systems over 250 pounds.

“This is an ideal energy storage solution for homeowners or small businesses as the system is easy to install, lightweight, and scalable to optimize your energy and ensure that power is where you need it in the event of a failure,” said Eric Clifton , Founder and CEO of Orison. “We would like to thank Octillion for their work in developing this unique battery.

Clifton went on to explain that when connected to solar panels, the energy is captured by the storage system and can be used when needed. The new power system is estimated to be less than a quarter of the cost of currently available backup generators, Clifton said. This is made possible in large part because Orison’s streamlined design allows the owner to assemble the system themselves, eliminating costly installation fees for other home storage systems.

“One of the biggest challenges facing the renewable energy market today is the lack of sufficient storage to handle intermittent shifts in charge and demand,” said Paul Beach, president of Octillion. “The battery that we use with the Orison system enables the use of solar panels to be expanded in areas where maximum capacity has already been reached, thereby increasing community efficiency and minimizing environmental impact. It can work for any building, house, or apartment. “

The system provided by Orison enables energy to be stored in the event of a malfunction, so that customers are not affected by the chaos to bring the network back online. In the event of a power failure, Orison’s energy storage system provides a safety net that temporarily makes customers independent of power failures and independent of their stored energy. This is especially important in the west coast region of the United States, where wildfires have become more common in recent years, Beach said.

There are approximately 25,600 blackouts each year in California alone. These events affect 28 million people, recharge the electricity grid and lead to further complications. A Stanford professor calculated that a single power outage in the fall of 2019 would likely cost small commercial and industrial companies $ 2.4 billion. The US Department of Energy estimates that annual blackouts cost the US economy $ 150 billion annually.

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