Harmony Public Faculties in Arkansas activates 341-kW solar array with Entegrity


Officials from Concord Public Schools in Arkansas, community members, and Entegrity held a flip-the-switch ceremony to celebrate the school’s new 341 kW solar panel. Equipped with a fixed slope system, the array sits on 3 acres of school grounds and saves the school over $ 17,000 per year on energy costs by third-party funding and tax credits for federal investments. The reduction in operating costs allows the district to reinvest in the school budget and stay smart with taxpayers’ money.

Concord Local Senator Missy Irvin voted for the Solar Access Act of 2019, which made this project possible by allowing public institutions to use low-cost, third-party solar energy, net metering and grandfathering. After the law went into effect, Concord Public Schools was one of the first school districts in the state to take advantage of it to reduce utility costs.

“I am thrilled to see the effects of this deed in my own back yard,” said Senator Missy Irvin. “Legislative support for solar development will make these financial tools more readily available to Arkansas government and consumers so they can take control of their spending and reap the benefits of solar energy.”

The Superintendent of the Concord School District, Dr. Kenneth Moore said, “We are constantly looking for ways to demonstrate leadership skills and make our facilities more efficient. The use of the solar law was child’s play for the school district management. This is a real commitment to the future of our community, institution, staff and students. Thank you to the policy makers who made this possible and provided another tool for small schools to help the students. “

US State Senator David Wallace, sponsor of the Solar Access Act, added, “It is precisely the reason I wrote and sponsored this bill when I see a small school like Concord being independent and spending money can take over. The low-cost solar solutions Solar offers are a step in the right direction for schools in Arkansas, and Superintendent Moore has been committed to his district. Taking control of their energy bills not only has a significant impact on their finances and opportunities for their students. This economic development will have a lasting impact on the entire community in the coming decades. Congratulations to Dr. Moore and congratulations to Concord Public Schools. “

“When the Concord Public Schools were given the opportunity to cut facility costs and improve the future for their students, they took the opportunity. Dr. Moore saw the value of this endeavor to the school and aligned it perfectly with the new law to have the greatest impact on the district’s finances. Entegrity is honored to be one of the first in the state to help Concord School District take advantage of this new financial tool, “said Rick Vance, Entegrity regional director.

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