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Additionally, Risen predicts solar module shipments will reach 15 GW this year, and Sze Tan Hung has increased its stake in solar cell and panel maker Solargiga.

January 26, 2021

A solar module from Risen.

Image: Risen

Chinese inverter manufacturer Sungrow has published preliminary financial figures for the 2020 financial year. The net profit is estimated at RMB 1.85 to 2.05 billion (USD 308 million). This result would mean an increase of 130% compared to 2019. Sungrow said the positive performance was due to increased orders during the Covid-19 crisis and an improvement in its product portfolio.

Module manufacturer increased According to company president Xie Jian, who spoke at an investor conference this week, at which he also provided information on the manufacturer’s current and planned production capacity, around 15 GW of solar products are expected to be shipped this year. “If everything goes well[es] With these projects under construction, Risen will have around 20 GW of solar cell capacity and 28 GW of solar PV module capacity by the end of 2021, ”said Jian.

Manufacturer of monocrystalline modules Longi kept its wafer prices for February. The price of p-type M6 products, which is 166/223mm in size and 175 µm in thickness, is 3.25 RMB ($ 0.50) each, and the price of p-type G1 (158, 75 / 223mm and 175um) is 3.15 RMB per piece. P-type M10 products, 182/247mm in size and 175 µm in thickness, cost 3.90 RMB.

Solar manufacturer Solargiga As of Thursday, issuing 180 million shares at a price of HK $ 0.29 ($ 0.04) per share raised HK $ 52 million (US $ 6.71 million) net. The 5.42% stake in the expanded company acquired by Sze Tan Hung – wife of glass industry investor Tan Sri Datuk Tung Ching Sai – brings her stake in Solargiga to 6.61%.

China Power energy company It was announced yesterday that 44% more photovoltaic electricity was sold last year than in 2019, with the volume increasing from 3.3 TWh to 4.77 TWh. The energy company sold 54.8 TWh of coal power and 187 GWh of natural gas electricity in 2020.

Renesola, a NYSE-listed solar project developer yesterday announced a stock offering of $ 25 million for 10 million US securities account shares at $ 25 per ADS. The fundraiser ends tomorrow.

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