Narendra Modi Govt Working ‘Prime Minister’s Free Solar Panel Scheme’? PIB Truth Examine Refutes Claims Going Viral on Social Media, Reveals Fact


New Delhi, September 18: In the midst of the coronavirus lockdown, most people are sitting at home wondering whether to install solar panels in their homes. News broke on social media recently that the government of Narendra Modi launched the Prime Minister’s Free Solar Panel Scheme, the last date of which is October 31st. However, the government has labeled this WhatsApp message as false and false.

According to the WhatsApp message, the government has launched a “Free Solar Panel Scheme” from the Prime Minister. It is said that people are given free solar panels to install in their homes and villages. That being said, the last date mentioned in the message is October 31, 2019. Government recruitment in India stopped? PIB Fact Check refutes claims that go viral on social media and reveals the truth.

Here is the viral post:

Allegation: A message that goes viral on #WhatsApp claims that the prime minister’s free solar panel program is run by the government. # PibFactCheck: This claim is fake. Such a system was not announced by the central government.

– PIB Fact Check (@PIBFactCheck) September 18, 2020

However, the government of the Union had exposed the reports and stated that there is no such Prime Minister’s “Free Solar Panel Scheme” that it had launched. The government even called the message a fake.

Fact check

Claim :

Narendra Modi’s government runs the Prime Minister’s free solar panel program.

Conclusion :

The government of the Union had exposed the reports and stated that there is no such “Free Solar Panel Scheme” initiated by the Prime Minister.

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