Korean Scientists Invent ‘Invisible Solar Panels’ That Can Be Built-in Into Smartphones!


In the near future, we may just have to stand under the hot sun to charge our phones! 😀

Korean scientists from Incheon National University recently developed a fully transparent solar cell that is not only the first of its kind, but also extremely convenient for embedding in consumer products. As reported by Sciencemint, the study conducted by Professor Joondoong Kim and his team was published in the Journal of Power Sources earlier this year.

The research showed that the team produced solar cells with heterojunction, especially crystalline cells: a thin film that is responsible for absorbing light. The solar panel then converts the light it absorbs into electricity, similar to other regular solar panels.

What made the solar panel transparent is the material it was made from, a combination of nickel oxide semiconductors and titanium dioxide. The most impressive part of this solar panel is that it is non-toxic and environmentally friendly too. Brilliant!

The transparent solar panel in its test phase.

Professor Joondoong Kim believes this invention can make solar panels more accessible to the public. This technology can easily be integrated into windows, buildings and even cell phones in the future.

Imagine having solar panels right on your phone screen thanks to this invention! Who knows? Maybe that’s why Apple threw the charging stone into the iPhone box? 😛

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