Solar Panel Building On Prime Of Wauwatosa Metropolis Corridor And The Library


January 22, 2021

Solar panel projects save considerable energy costs

As the City of Wauwatosa continues to evaluate low-cost strategies for a more sustainable community, the Public Works Department continues to explore renewable energy options for city-owned facilities.

We had success with the solar project above the public works garage (a project that represents more than 96% of the building’s annual energy bill). In fact, we saved over $ 40,000 in 2020 due to the efficiency of the solar panels. In this dashboard you can view the performance of the solar panels in real time.

The Joint Council recently approved the installation of a solar panel system on the roof of the City Hall, Civic Center and the library building. This construction can start in February 2021, depending on the weather.

These solar module projects promote our goals of maintaining the infrastructure and at the same time being responsible for our community for tax purposes.

A commitment to sustainability

The Joint Council adopted clean energy targets to reduce municipal emissions to 50% of 2010 levels by 2030. In accordance with the global goals, at least 25% of all energy is to be obtained from local renewable sources by 2025 and municipalities and municipalities are to be CO2-neutral by 2050. We will monitor our progress and publish our energy consumption annually. Other sustainability initiatives in the city.

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