Navisun provides New Jersey landfill neighborhood solar mission to portfolio


Pictured above is the Linden Hawk Rise Community solar project currently under construction.

Navisun LLC, a solar power producer that owns and operates distributed and small-scale utility-scale solar projects, acquired a 4.5 MW solar project in Linden, New Jersey. The Linden Hawk Rise solar project is located in the Linden City Landfill in Union County, New Jersey. CS Energy was instrumental in the development of the project and is currently building the project. Navisun will own and operate the completed facility, which is expected to be operational by the end of the second quarter of 2021.

“Navisun is an industry leading solar power company driving the transition to a carbon-free future. Our reputation for working with our community partners to deliver high quality projects on time and on budget is proudly demonstrated in our project in Linden, NJ, ”said John Malloy, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Navisun. “We are happy to support the city of Linden by providing access to renewable energies that are directly available to their residents at lower costs.”

Upon completion of the Linden Hawk Rise Solar project, a closed landfill will be converted into a productive solar park that will provide around 1,000 residents with clean electricity with significant savings.

Mayor Derek Armstead of the City of Linden said, “The Linden Hawk Rise Solar project will increase our community’s revenue, reduce the city’s carbon footprint and make clean solar energy available at a price below current electricity costs. This is a huge win for our community. We look forward to our continued partnership with Navisun and the support they are providing to ensure this project is successful. “

The Linden Hawk Rise Solar Project is part of New Jersey’s first year Community Solar Energy Pilot program, which gives utility companies access to clean energy generation by participating in solar energy projects remote from their property. To ensure equitable access to clean electricity, the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities encouraged developers to make the program available to low and middle income customers.

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