Enphase power storage methods now appropriate with present M-Sequence microinverters


Enphase Energy announced that Enphase storage systems are now compatible with Enphase M215 and M250 microinverter based solar systems. The expanded compatibility offers around 300,000 additional Enphase system owners the opportunity to achieve network-independent energy stability through the Enphase upgrade program.

The Enphase Upgrade Program offers solar installers the opportunity to renew their collaboration with the installed base of Enphase system owners by upgrading microinverters, solar and energy storage systems. The program is aimed at owners of Enphase microinverters and represents the company’s ongoing commitment to reliability, service and long-term customer relationships. Participation in the Enphase upgrade program is voluntary. Enphase continues to maintain its limited on-site warranties for existing products by leveraging insights into on-site products through advanced remote analytics.

The compatibility of Enphase storage systems with M215 and M250 microinverter-based solar systems, as well as with IQ 6 and IQ 7 microinverter-based solar systems, enables installers in the US to approach the vast majority of Enphase towards storage upgrades Homeowners nationwide.

“Our M-Series customers are thrilled that they can upgrade their solar systems with Enphase Storage without upgrading their microinverters or solar modules,” said John Orfali, owner of Save A Lot Solar. “We started installing Enphase microinverters about ten years ago and have never looked back. The compatibility between Enphase Storage and Enphase M-Series microinverters is just a recent indication that we made the right decision, especially given the need for energy resilience as planned power outages are disrupting the lives of more and more people who are now affected by work from home. “

“We were one of the first solar installers in the USA to test the upgrade program concept with Enphase in mid-2018. Our customers were thrilled with the revitalization of their solar systems with the latest micro-inverter technology and the associated limited warranties, ”said Chaz Mathias, owner of First Response Solar. “Today we are mainly concentrating on serving the strong demand in California for Solar Plus storage systems. The upgrade program provides a bridge between older systems and the new Enphase Encharge storage system, and that is a huge win for our customers. Our homeowners also love to have a unified dashboard with the Enphase Enlighten monitoring system to see their solar energy production, energy consumption and energy storage. As an active volunteer firefighter, Enphase always gives me the peace of mind that our installation teams, homeowners and first responders can operate the system safely without being exposed to high voltage direct current in our installations. “

“The Enphase Upgrade Program has given homeowners the ability to upgrade or replace older Enphase solar systems. It has been a source of labor, revenue and jobs for solar installers during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dave Ranhoff, Chief Commercial Officer at Enphase Energy. “We are grateful to all solar installers who continue to support Enphase as an excellent partner in implementing a service program that will change people’s lives. We also welcome the many Enphase M-Series system owners to the homeowner family who can now easily upgrade towards true energy independence with Encharge storage systems. “

Program details can be found in the Enphase Installer and Homeowner webinars and on the Enphase Upgrade Program website.

Message from Enphase Energy

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