BoxPower CEO on the rising microgrid marketplace for small companies


BoxPower system at school in Guayama, Puerto Rico.

Made-to-order microgrids are a recognized energy solution for large industrial, government, and agricultural facilities. New, more agile systems with preliminary design and prefabrication are now expanding the microgrid applications for small and medium-sized businesses. BoxPower is a brand that is filling this niche with new integrated microgrid products that offer fast, affordable power solutions and increased reliability to keep businesses running while reducing electricity costs.

What is a microgrid? A microgrid is a localized power generation network that can be separated from the traditional network in order to work autonomously. A microgrid consists of local energy generation and increasingly of battery storage. Microgrids offer reliability as their main value proposition. They can be stand-alone power sources, but generally work in conjunction with the existing network infrastructure. Microgrids eliminate grid disturbances such as power supply shutdowns and can be operated indefinitely, thereby strengthening the entire power supply system.

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BoxPower system in the grocery store in Pilot Point, AK

Small Business Opportunity: Rural communities, small businesses, and the manufacturing sector can now find flexible and affordable ready-to-install microgrid products. Angelo Campus, CEO of BoxPower, is experiencing a rapid change in the demand for microgrids. “As outages increase across the country and around the world, the value of a microgrid increases rapidly,” says Campus. “In combination with the falling costs for inputs, the introduction of the microgrid will skyrocket.”

Products like BoxPower’s microgrid systems are affordable because they lack the extensive design and engineering costs that typically make up a large portion of microgrid costs. The modular components of BoxPower create energy systems that can be scaled quickly and cost-effectively and enable a lower starting threshold. When connected to the grid, unused energy is stored in the battery and sold to the grid at the optimal time, offsetting the initial capital or the financed costs.

The game changer in the microgrid market is the combination of a software design tool that quickly optimizes products for the needs of each customer, and turnkey, prefabricated hardware products. “We can now scale standardized modular products and quickly dimension systems for each customer,” says Campus. “By using these technologies, BoxPower was able to reach more customers than ever before.”

Campus sees this as a rare moment when energy demands, falling costs and environmental factors are in harmony with new technologies. “We are able to enable customers to choose the benefits they want and then prefabricate them according to their requirements. We can reduce energy costs in such a way that solar and battery are combined for an optimal energy solution. “

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