Tigo launches Tigo Enhanced program together with solar inverter companions


Tigo Energy, Inc., in collaboration with its key inverter partners, has launched a joint marketing program called Tigo Enhanced to make it even easier for customers to choose reliable power electronics (MLPE) at the module level for their solar PV projects.

As part of the program, inverter partners using Tigo technology will include a Tigo Enhanced logo on their data sheets and product marketing material. The Tigo Enhanced logo creates a clear visual link between the Tigo MLPE, which is installed on the back of each PV module, and the inverter, which integrates Tigo’s technology, giving customers the peace of mind of a reliable plug-and-go Play solution for your PV projects.

“We have the most reliable, affordable, quick shutdown solution available and the largest network of inverters our customers can choose from,” said Zvi Alon, Chairman and CEO of Tigo. “We wanted to create a program that would make it easy for our customers to choose our trustworthy quick shutdown solution with the inverter of their choice.”

Customers can look for the Tigo Enhanced logo on the inverter and know that the system is designed for use with Tigos MLPE connected to each module.

“Now all our customers have to do is check that the inverter they have selected bears the Tigo Enhanced logo – it’s easy,” added Zvi.
The launch of the Tigo Enhanced program follows Tigo’s introduction of the latest MLPE for fast shutdown, the TS4-A-2F. Tigo’s quick shutdown solutions are certified as UL Photovoltaic Rapid Shutdown Systems (PVRSS) with hundreds of inverter types.

In the USA, every new PV installation on the roof must or will have a quick shutdown function at the module level to ensure the safety of first aiders. Because of this, many PV installers and owners are looking for reliable, cost-effective ways to meet the requirements and protect their assets.

“Many people are looking for first time solutions for quick shutdown and MLPE. The Tigo Enhanced program is about making it easy and straightforward for you to get a reliable solution that meets your needs, ”said John Lerch, Global Marketing Director of Tigo.

Tigo devices are being installed with PV systems on all seven continents with thousands of different inverter models helping to produce gigawatt hours of clean energy every day.

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