Pine Gate Renewables brings 8 solar tasks on-line in Michigan


Consumers Energy, Pine Gate Renewables, and Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors, LP, announced that five new solar energy projects in Genesee County and three in Saginaw County are now online and clean,
renewable electricity for Consumers Energy customers.

The eight sites were built and operated by Pine Gate Renewables and owned by Kayne Anderson. Consumers Energy has 20 year contracts to get the energy from the projects. Each solar park has an output of 2 megawatts. Together, the solar parks produce up to 16 MW, increasing Consumers Energy’s 10 MW solar energy capacity that was previously available to customers.

“We are excited to be part of Michigan’s renewable energy development,” said Ben Catt, CEO of Pine Gate Renewables. “Every solar project offers local communities tax revenue, jobs and clean energy.”

Consumers Energy has entered into agreements to purchase power from six additional Kayne Anderson solar projects in other parts of Michigan due to start operations this month. These first eight projects include 56,313 solar panels and have around 240 local workers involved in construction.

The names of the local solar projects that have started operations in the past five weeks are Captain Solar, Interchange Solar, Jack Francis Solar, May Shannon Solar and Coldwater Solar in Genesee County, and Geddes 1 Solar, Geddes 2 Solar and Stoneheart Solar in Saginaw County.

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