This sensible electrical panel can inform you when your home equipment are about to die


At CES 2021, saving the environment and energy remains a major technological theme. One of the advantages of smart light switches, smart sockets, and smart light bulbs is the potential to save energy, which is not only good for the environment but also for your wallet. However, it’s kind of a step-by-step approach that doesn’t address the biggest sources of energy consumption in your home, which are appliances.

Schneider Electric’s new Square D Energy Center, unveiled at CES 2021, is designed to help you manage your energy usage by not only keeping an eye on your refrigerator and washing machine, but also incorporating solar and alternative energy sources and in between both switch and mains-powered electricity.

Think of the Square D Energy Center as a super smart fuse box. It is connected to all electrical circuits in your house, which you can then monitor and control via an app. In addition, it can be connected to solar panels or a generator and automatically switch the power source depending on the current energy rates or if the power grid fails.

Since the energy center is connected to the cloud, it can also recommend the optimal time of day to operate energy-intensive devices or, for example, charge your electric car. In the event of a power outage, it can also determine which circuits are important – like the one for your refrigerator – and which are not – and automatically route your backup power to those who need to stay on. In addition, it has built-in surge protection in the event that your lines are suddenly electrocuted.

Much like how some of the best water leak detectors can detect when a leak occurs due to a change in water pressure, Schneider Electric’s Square D Energy Center uses algorithms to determine if a device is about to fail. For example, a washing machine that is on its last legs can use more electricity than a washing machine that is operating normally.

The Square D Energy Center is the latest addition to Schneider Electric’s Wiser Energy product range. The company is currently selling the Wiser Home Energy Monitoring Kit ($ 300), which is self-installing and will monitor your home’s energy usage. However, it cannot turn off circuits and the like.

Schneider Electric will also soon be selling its own range of smart light switches and smart sockets that can be incorporated into its energy center. These will be sold ($ 30 to $ 50) and come in a variety of styles, similar to the best smart light switches on the market today.

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