ICAST enlists Nikola Energy modeling software program for low-income multifamily housing solar + storage initiative


Nikola Power, the Denver-based climate technology software company, is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreement with the nonprofit ICAST (International Center for Adequate Sustainable Technology). ICAST was selected by the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to implement a national initiative to overcome the hurdles in using solar energy for low-income populations in affordable apartment buildings (MFAH).

Nikola Power will provide detailed solar + storage analysis, modeling and investment potential for low income apartment buildings in Colorado and other key markets.

Numerous studies, including several from the US Global Research Program, show that low-income communities are often the first and worst to be hit by the destruction of climate change.

“Our agreement with ICAST gives us the opportunity to work on renewable projects that, through the continued introduction of renewable energies, have a double impact on climate protection and at the same time directly benefit communities with lower incomes,” said Jonathan W. Postal, founder and Nikola Power (JW) CEO. “It fits in perfectly with our mission at Nikola Power and, frankly, it’s right for our entire community.”

Nikola Power, who specializes in developing software tools to scale the distributed energy industry better and smarter, will use its proprietary suite of energy management software and an expert team of battery system engineers to complete the work.

“This is an ideal opportunity for our organization. We spent the last year expanding our range of analysis and operating software for energy management for the residential, commercial and microgrid markets, ”continued Postal.

The ICAST team, founded in 2002, is well aware of the economic divide and the effects of climate change. From the beginning, ICAST has worked to have a triple impact through sustainable solutions for underserved communities. They are trying to maintain affordable housing, address climate change and provide local jobs and training for workers to underserved populations.

Currently, ICAST is focused on the US apartment building sector. By investing in local communities, maintaining and upgrading affordable housing, and reducing energy and water wastage, the organization offers benefits that are aligned with the triple profit standard of its mission. ICAST will also scale our influence through programs that advise property owners on sustainable development and technology.

“We are very excited to be working with Nikola Power,” said ICAST CEO Ravi Malholtra. “We have worked with Nikola Power founder JW Postal in the past on solar projects for schools and low-income communities. This new agreement has the potential to drive the rollout of Solar + storage in key communities of need. The combination of software and know-how from Nikola Power in project implementation enables us to plan, use and optimize solar and battery systems for multi-family rooms with low incomes more effectively.

The two companies are scheduled to start work this month.

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