Everest Solar Programs adjustments title to K2 Programs


Everest Solar Systems opened in the USA in 2012 and opened a second office in Mexico a few years later. Now in 2021 they are changing their name to K2 Systems. Why? Well, Everest has always been part of K2 Systems, a manufacturer of solar shelving that was founded in Germany in 2004. Over the years K2 expanded into different countries and when they decided to open in the US they couldn’t keep the same name due to branding issues. For this reason, the company decided to stick to the mountain theme and name the American and Mexican subsidiaries Everest Solar Systems.

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Fast forward to today, The US and Mexico no longer have a branding problem, so the company can finally be a single brand worldwide. The US has already acquired the brand and officially changed its name. Mexico will follow soon, but is still in progress.

What does this rebranding mean for you? The product development process remains unchanged. K2 branches work independently of one another to determine the product requirements of each market. Product names and part numbers remain the same. New products are launched as usual and you still have your regular sales rep. This is a name change, not a buyout.

As a manufacturer of mounting systems for solar technology, K2 Systems has been developing innovative system solutions for the international photovoltaic industry since 2004. They have more than 15 years of experience as roof specialists and have installed over 16 GW worldwide. At the German headquarters in Renningen and in the seven branches in England, France, Italy, South Africa, Brazil and the USA, 210 employees work worldwide on cost-effective and future-oriented roof mounting systems.

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