Firestone Walker Brewing Firm goes solar in main manner, with over 2 MW of on-site energy


Duke Energy and Firestone Walker Brewing Company have completed one of the largest on-site solar systems in the craft beer industry – a 2.1 MW solar array and 281 kW solar carport on 9.7 acres in Paso Robles, California.

The arrays will generate most of the brewery’s energy, enough to brew and fill 6 million cases of beer a year.

“REC Solar and Duke Energy Renewables have been solid partners during this process. They helped us realize our vision for “beer brewed with sunshine” and carried out the complex requirements, the engineering and the installation of the array methodically. It was as painless as we’d hoped, ”said David Walker, co-owner of Firestone Walker Brewing Company.

The on-site solar, single-axis trackers and carports were installed by Duke Energy subsidiary REC Solar. The solar system is located next to the brewery. The second 281 kW solar carport spans 14,000 square feet south of the brewery. The project planning began at the end of 2016 with the groundbreaking ceremony in April 2020. In addition to the solar systems, the project includes upgrades of substations that make it easier for other local organizations that want to use solar systems to use the energy of renewable energies.

“We have been committed to this project for 25 years and hope that our acceptance of solar energy, along with many others in our community, will encourage more to do the same,” said Walker.

Message from Duke Energy

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