Panel set up begins for Lincoln Park Solar Backyard


Crews began installing the first of four solar panels that will make up the Lincoln Park Solar Garden on Wednesday. The 40 kilowatt array will help operate a transitional shelter for homeless vets called Duluth Veterans’ Place.

In addition, the project coordinators hope that this will help build up other types of energy for the community.

“We see the site not just as a place for power generation, but also for community engagement,” said Lucas Giese, AmeriCorps VISTA program coordinator. “Beyond the solar that we’re putting in here and getting it done in the next week or so, we’re hoping to develop this website with other community organizations and are working with our neighbors to figure out how best to use this website as a place for education and community gardens. ”

In addition to supporting the housing run by the Minnesota Assistance Council for Veterans (MAC-V), the solar panels will form an emergency energy fund designed to help low-income families in times of crisis. Ecolibrium3 and the AmeriCorps VISTA program help with the installation of the solar garden.

“One thing that Ecolibrium 3 is definitely focusing on is linking the support we can provide with this array with some of our other weather programs,” said Giese. “We have some in-home programs to help and make improvements to lower-income families.” break the cycle of energy poverty. “

A final “flip-the-switch” celebration is planned for the end of this year to commemorate the completion of the project.

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